Study credits (FITech)

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If you are already a student at Aalto University, you should use the simpler procedure at Study credits (Aalto).

How to start

Hands-on scientific computing is a self-study course where you can reflect on your needs and determine what is useful for you. Modules have been structured from A to F in a way that the difficultness level rises gradually.

If you only wish to browse the materials, you can freely do so. If you wish to acquire credits or a certificate, you should read on.


If you are at Aalto University, these steps are not needed: you can log in to the exercise system with your existing Aalto account and request credits from directly.


Our exercise page can be found here: A+ Hands-on scientific computing.

Logging in is required to submit the exercises, so you should log in as “External to Aalto”.

Course evaluation is divided into modules A-C and D-E and you can earn 1 credit from each modules (overall 2 credits). Instead of credits users may also request a certificate after approved completion of course.

More information about the grading practicalities and the exercises can be found on the exercise page.

Although the course is an always open course, notice that the content and exercises might change over time and your performance may not be valid anymore. Please make sure to finish your work in six months time to secure successful completion of the course.

Applying for credits

Please fill in the FITech application at

  1. Application for degree students from other Finnish Universities (Bachelor’s or Master’s students)

  2. Application for FITech adult learners (PhD students and adult learners)

Make sure you are using the same personal information during the course and in the application. You need to have Finnish personal identity code to apply for the credits and online banking access code for strong authentication to confirm your identity. You will receive automatic messages from the application system. The applications are processed once a month. When your application is accepted you will receive a message from Studyinfo. Please accept the study place so we can register the credits for the right person. When the study credits are registered to Aalto University system you will get an email.

After completing the exercises, you should notify that your performance is ready for evaluation. If you have successfully met the grading criteria (90% of exercises completed and have at least 50% correct), your performance will be accepted and credits registered. Grading is done about once per month.